Client Spotlight – OneSource Solutions

Promo Items

OneSource Solutions’ latest order – USB chargers, lip balm, stylus pens, and bags.

If you’re planning a move right now or you’re one of our realtor clients, it would be a misstep if we didn’t mention what our client OneSource Solutions does.  Remember on your last move calling television providers, waiting on hold with the water company, and standing in line to get electricity? OneSource removes that hassle for you by being the go-between for you and all of those companies, setting up all of those services.  On top of that, this concierge service won’t cost you, and they have some really great deals on top of everything else they do! Movers? You’re welcome :).

OneSource Solutions needed items for their Spring trade shows.  I highly recommend the lip balm they chose.  I am somewhat of a chapstick connoisseur, and this beeswax balm is the lip balm you want to have in your pocket if given the opportunity!

For the tech-savvy, they ordered the USB charger and the stylus.  This isn’t just any stylus, it’s the Lexus of stylus pens (seriously..that’s the name!).  Not only does it have a fun style, the orange imprint with the orange grip really gives OneSource Solutions brand awareness with this pen.

Finally, a goodie bag for their visitors to take away their new prized possessions rounds out OneSource’s selection.

Visit OneSource Solutions to learn more about their convenience services for your move.