Has your marketing approach been more “ready, fire, aim” than strategic lately?  A marketing plan that is developed from your business’s goals should be your starting point – the other services we provide won’t be nearly as powerful if they don’t originate from strategy.

We’ll identify your strengths and help you with the positioning that differentiates you from your competitors – help you lay the groundwork for deliberate, planned growth, all the while keeping in mind it’s all about what drives your customer.

The marketing strategy needed to best grow your company will look different for each business and industry. Components of our strategic marketing services can include:

Review of Current Marketing Strategy

This is an assessment of your current marketing efforts and how they are helping you achieve your goals. How is your marketing working for you? Did your efforts help you increase your brand awareness, generate more leads or closed business?

Short-Term Marketing Tactics

Short-term marketing activities help you, well, boost business in the short-term. And while it may not seem important, short-term boosts are crucial for any business. Whether you are a startup looking for funding, or a company looking to successfully launch a new product or service, short-term success is necessary for long-term growth.

Long-Term Plans

Long-term plans help you build better brand awareness, increase your visibility, and produce better results that are longer lasting. It’s imperative to the success of your business that you utilize both long and short-term tactics and strategies.

SWOT Analysis

We assess the competitive landscape to both show where the strategic market opportunities may be present and to aid in measuring how your brand stands up against competition.

Development of Measurable Targets

We uncover actionable insights by digging through large amounts of data and breaking them down in their smallest, most useful form. We use the insights we gather to help form new strategies and marketing campaigns that will move your brand forward.

Implementation of Accountability System

This is an essential step in order to examine whether the marketing strategies that are being implemented are working as intended. A key component of the accountability system is examining the ROI of a specific marketing strategy that was put into place. This allows us to optimize and make improvements accordingly.

Customer Service Audit

A customer service audit provides you with an unbiased review of your business that may uncover possible areas of opportunity. Good customer service gives you a unique selling proposition, repeat business, increased trust, branding and word of mouth.

Partnership Implementation and/or Evaluation

Cultivating the right relationships has the potential of opening a world of opportunity designed to provide a collaborative, integrated approach for running a successful business. A full evaluation will help you create a strategic marketing roadmap and a guide to keep you on target so you’re less likely to throw things at the wall and hope they stick.