Local Tees

Hoptown is my Hometown

A big part of our business is helping others come up with the perfect design for their screenprinted t-shirts and custom apparel.  We’re a B2B shop, which means unless a client commissions it, we don’t usually produce products.  Early this spring, I had an idea for a solar eclipse t-shirt.  Whether it was my infatuation with my new baby girl (so.in.love.), the hustle and bustle of preparing my clients for their own solar eclipse visitors (whew!), or what I think is more likely, the fear that no one else would like my design, I didn’t put my eclipseville t-shirts out until very nearly too late.  Turns out, they were wildly popular.

So here we are, I’m coming up fast on 3 years back in Hopkinsville and heading up the marketing here at Williams Advertising.  I’ve been sitting on {so many} t-shirt designs for some time now.  Waiting for what, I’m not sure. So today I’m just giving it a go and I’m launching our hometown tees line.  It’s inspired by being proud of where you’re from.  It’s also all about being stylish and comfy while you’re at it.  I am all about a comfy, soft t-shirt.  Head over to my t-shirt shop and check it all out, I hope you like my ideas and these t-shirts!

Check them out!.