Hopkinsville Junior Auxiliary Charity Ball Silent Auction

Hopkinsville Junior Auxiliary 2015 Silent Auction

With the generous donations of many individuals and businesses, the event table was filled with tickets to choose from!

If you’ll notice, lately our blogging has been more “do as I say, not as I do” as our CBO (Chief Blogging Officer) Sarah has been a little preoccupied with some extracurricular activities in the form of Hopkinsville’s annual Charity Ball.  As chair of the Silent Auction this year for the Hopkinsville Junior Auxiliary event, any extra time after our own clients work that would typically be devoted to marketing Williams Advertising has fallen by the wayside in place of planning and calling on local businesses to contribute to the charity event.  Since it’s been such a big part of the last month here at Williams Advertising, we’re dedicating this post to the successful completion of the event!

Taking a step back for those of you that don’t know, the Hopkinsville Junior Auxiliary is an organization that is sometimes social and always charitable.  The nearly fifty ladies that make up the Hopkinsville Junior Auxiliary devote their time and energy to countless volunteer and fundraising projects to benefit organizations and individuals in Christian County.  Most notably, the annual Charity Ball & Silent Auction event is held each fall or winter.  For the 2015 event, the ladies of JA chose to benefit Micah Mission Center with funds raised at Charity Ball.  Micah Mission Center’s objective is to be all things to all people, to be a safe place free of judgment for its visitors.  Micah Mission Center provides food, shelter, assistance and referrals to other organizations to those that need it. Hopkinsville Junior Auxiliary’s efforts over the last several months went toward making sure that the event could bring in as much as possible to help Micah Mission Center achieve that.  From paint parties to mum sales, baked goods to rebate nights, Charity Ball fundraising efforts last much longer than just one evening.

Kentucky Signed Bourbon Decanter Set

One of the most unique and popular items at the Hopkinsville Junior Auxiliary Silent Auction was this Kentucky Bourbon Decanter Set donated by Cayce’s Pharmacy and signed by Kenny “Sky” Walker.

For the Silent Auction alone, Hopkinsville Junior Auxiliary had over 125 items donated from nearly 100 Hopkinsville and Clarksville area businesses.  Those businesses and individuals that donated helped nearly double this year what was raised from the Silent Auction.  It’ll be a bit longer before a grand total raised from the event will be unveiled, but an increase in business participation this year led to a very successful Silent Auction.  You can visit the Hopkinsville Junior Auxiliary Facebook page and to check out some of the businesses that gave back to our community by donating to the auction.  Between those businesses, the overall Charity Ball sponsors and the generous bidders, the final donation for Micah Mission Center promises to be a much needed, much deserved amount.

As a local business, we’d like to thank all of our fellow local businesses that contributed to making the Silent Auction a success.  With items ranging from gift certificates to local boutiques, local spirits to beauty items, and all the way to high-dollar items such as tickets to see a Kentucky basketball game and Titans games, there was something for everyone and within every budget.  With the spirit of giving in mind, a bidding war broke out over the home season opener for the St. Louis Cardinals, a handcrafted mirror by one of the Junior Auxiliary ladies’ husbands was an especially hot item, and a donation from one of Christian County’s newest businesses Black Beauty Transportation went for several hundred over value.

If you haven’t attended a charity auction, it’s a unique way to raise funds for a deserving organization.  We could all mail in a check to an organization of our own choosing, but events like these also bring awareness to organizations in need.  Sure, for one evening you’re bringing in dollars.  But if even one person feels connected to an organization in need that they didn’t previously know about…all because they went to an event with friends…the kind of impact that might have over time is immeasurable.

Special Services Auction Items

These special services auction items include the Hoptown Hoppers season passes, a beautiful display of Brooke’s Cookies & Cakes, Live at the Alhambra passes and more.

Phillip Whitaker & Sarah Whitaker

Sarah pictured with helpful husband Phillip Whitaker, who devoted most of his evening to helping with Silent Auction!