energynet branding

Every so often a project that is so revolutionary comes along, and we just get so excited to help purely on the basis of how game changing it can be for our town.  Enter, gig fiber internet.  Hopkinsville Electric System has made the decision to invest in a fiber network for Hopkinsville, with goals of making Hopkinsville a gig city – a town that has gigabit fiber internet available throughout the city.  We would join a handful of cities that can boast the same.  Fiber to the home means unlimited potential not only for things like entertainment (time to cut that cord already and stream!) but for higher education, remote work, and many other economic impact factors.

As a first step to the launch of this exciting product for Hopkinsville, we gave the energynet brand a refresh, along with updating the look for Hopkinsville Electric System too.  You will begin to see this new brand rollout as you see more messaging about this exciting project, and as you see HES trucks & linemen out and about!

Visit to check to see if your neighborhood has gig fiber internet service available!