Raising the Barre


Search #bluegrassbarremadness on Instagram and keep up with the fun!



A Hopkinsville, Kentucky fitness studio is raising the barre with their classes during the month of March.  Taking advantage of their home state’s passion for basketball, Bluegrass Barre started Bluegrass Barre Madness.  Through a point system for various activities like attending class, posting on social media or bringing a friend to class, Bluegrass Barre has capitalized on word of mouth marketing at its finest.

Just search on Instagram or Facebook #bluegrassbarremadness – you’ll see countless posts of motivational quotes, progress pictures or tags that someone is in class.  By incentivizing the ladies already enthusiastic about their classes, Bluegrass Barre has created a word of mouth marketing team to help spread the word about how great they are.  According to Nielsen, 84% of consumers say that recommendations from family and friends are most trustworthy.

What can your business be doing to get your customers talking?